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4,5 sterren uit 834 beoordelingen
18 jan 2021 om 11:02 The food was pretty good for the Netherlands. Flavorful, the veggies were pretty fresh. I didn’t care for the satay. The sweet and sour chicken was good, but I recommend putting the sauce in a separate container so the chicken remains crispy.
17 jan 2021 om 21:06 Top kwaliteit en smak, porties van 2 p. groot genoeg voor 3.
16 jan 2021 om 23:46 Awesome as usual
15 jan 2021 om 19:37 Altijd snelle bezorging en de massaman curry is heerlijk!
14 jan 2021 om 22:33 Always like their Pad-Thai! Delivery is fast.
14 jan 2021 om 21:30 There was no flavor in the food and it smelled very strong. Our house smells for days. One of the dishes was also incorrect. Sorry for the harsh review.
10 jan 2021 om 20:07 Goed en snel, iets prijzig maar met deze tijden is het ze gegund
5 jan 2021 om 21:46 Delivery was super fast. Fried rice and fried noodles were very average, would not recommend. But the gyōza was nice and crunchy.
5 jan 2021 om 16:56 Eten is heerlijk en stipt op tijd bezorgd!
2 jan 2021 om 19:55 Prima Geen klachten Maar wel lekker
1 jan 2021 om 21:31 Lekker en veel eten zeker aan te raden